Sega Toys Aquarium Angelfish (Tenohira Suizokukan) (handheld aquarium)

Full menu* *(some items only available after first or second evolution)

Purple icon with scales and hungry/happy faces - fish status: 1) Hunger level and happiness level. 2) Name and birthdate of your pet. 3) Your name.

Pink icon with fish eating - feed fish: Click middle button to feed fish one time.

Light blue icon with thermometer and dial - water temperature, water quality, air quality:

Red icon with two hearts - happiness actions: 1) Fish with bubbles shows your fish the clam shell. 2) Fish with wheel is fish swimming on exercise wheel (yes, really). 3) Fish jumping shows your fish jumping out of the water at a fly. 4) Hand with fish is to tap on the glass so your fish comes to see you.

Green icon with bottle - medicine: If you see a red skull on the screen, try this first. Click middle button to give medicine.

Yellow icon with game controller - games: 1) Ball blowing up out of vent, hit it with your fish’s nose to collect. 2) Avoid the net, I suck at this but I think you use left and right buttons to dodge. 3) Hide and seek, use arrow buttons to find where fish is hiding in tank.

Dark blue with paper and alarm clock: 1) Today’s date. 2) Current time. 3) Alarm on or off and time. 4) Sound on or off. 5) Screen brightness. Hit middle button on any screen to adjust. Does not seem to be a penalty for messing with time.

Fish wakes up at 8am and sleeps at 8pm. All parameters degrade while sleeping! I recommend setting the alarm for 7:58 or 7:59 to be sure that you can catch it right when it awakens and take care of all its needs before it croaks!