MimiWorld Yummy Jam House

This is a Korean vpet made by Mimiworld that uses the same gimmick as the Sumikko Catch, only this time it's a spoon you insert into the top of the jam jar. It also has an accelerometer. This pet has 10 pets in one: chick, penguin, turtle, bunny, cat, dog, hamster, seal, squirrel, cockatiel, and one mystery pet.




When you press the Smile button, icons will appear on the main pet screen. You start on the Food icon, but from left to right, these are: Decorate, Touch, Feed, Wash, Clean, Medicine, Status. The function of each of these is fairly obvious.

Decorate: This is where your birthday present items are stored. To use these, go to the leftmost icon and select it. Then check off the items you want to use. Hit the Star button. Hit the Smile button, and the item will be in your room.

Touch: There are two options, Pet and Tickle. You will need to insert the spoon to touch your pet.

Feed: You start with only one option to feed your pet and it is free. After your pet evolves, you will have a choice between two free foods or feeding a food you have bought in the market. Favorite food is mentioned when you first adopt your pet and is also stated on the second page of the Status menu. (You will need to use Google Translate or consult this key: Chick: worm; Penguin: ice cream cone; Cat: catnip; Rabbit: carrot curry; more to come.) The favorite food does not seem to provide any new animation, or fill the meter more quickly, so it is unclear what benefit there is to buying the special food.

Wash: When your pet appears dirty, select this icon to wash it. Insert the spoon to dispense the soap, scrub your pet, and rinse them clean.

Clean: This icon is to clean the room itself. When there are dust bunnies on the screen or when you see a poop, select this icon. To clean the dust bunnies, you will need to shake the device; to clean the poop, you’ll need to insert the spoon.

Medicine: Select this icon when your pet is sick; it will be the only icon apart from status that is not grayed out. Insert the spoon to give a shot and then to comfort your pet afterward.

Status: Here you can see the hungry, happy, and clean meters on the first page, and the second page tells you a little about your pet and their favorite food. You can use Google Translate for a full translation.

Each “year” there will be a birthday present you have the option of buying. This is how you decorate your blank room. Each present costs a little more than the last one and includes some decoration or piece of furniture. Each birthday will also completely refill your happy/hungry/clean meters.

You can visit previous pets (but not interact with them) by going to the Pet area and scrolling to select the pet you want to visit.

Menu Options:

Pet Jar: Select any previous pet to visit or your current pet to care for them.

Games: There are 6 games, only 4 of which are available when you begin. When your pet turns 4 years old, the remaining 2 games will become available to you. The games are: Catch, Place Lid, Swimming, Red Light Green Light, Running, and Jump Rope.

Hotel: You can drop off your pet here for free. While they are there, the only option you can access is Settings.

Market: Here you can spend your coins to buy food. These don’t seem to raise your hungry meter any more than the default food(s), so it’s unclear if there is any benefit to using these.

Settings: You can change the volume, brightness level, and date/time here.

Salon: Insert the spoon, shake the jar, and insert the spoon to give your pet a haircut. Possibly counts toward points needed to advance a year, but doesn’t change the appearance of your pet.

Cafe: Tilt the jar to select a table to sit at. If you have played other pets, they will be sitting at the tables. Select a table and when it is highlighted, press the Smile button to sit and have a conversation and a snack.